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 “Ms. Roberts-Levi totally supported us through the whole IEP process, start to finish.”                                                                                               Ms. S. Vasquez, Parent

“Sasha is an amazing art teacher. I began taking watercolor painting classes from her and this process transformed my life. She helped me see myself as an artist, which boosted my self-esteem and confidence.”     Ms. M. Walbrecht, Director of ESL

“Our son was not doing well in school. He loves the way Ms. Roberts-Levi tutors him in spelling and reading and helps him to practice his basic math facts. Now he enjoys doing his homework.”                                             Mr. and Mrs. J. Moncion, Parent

“Sasha is dedicated to helping people to learn how they learn and practice simple ways to improve their lives by spending more time enjoying their creative projects, passions, and pursuits.”                           Dr. C. Lopez, Director of Curriculum 

“5 stars … Excellent – knows her stuff and has practical experience. Cares about the success of her students.”                       Grad Student, WSU College of Education 

Ms “I want to express my joy having Ms. Roberts-Levi skillfully passing on artistic techniques to my daughter, Eve. As a former teacher, I appreciate her talent but applauded her for her gift of passing on techniques to children.   A. Schwab, Parent

“Sasha is a very detailed oriented person who is truly dedicated to education. I have learned a lot about special education through her great instruction at Wayne State University. She is always willing to assist students with questions that we have regarding special education, assessments/curriculum, and other issues that educators face in the field.  The classes that I have taken with her are very reflective of the teaching practice that I will strive for one day. She was an amazing teacher and I wish I could have taken more classes with her as she is passionate about her field.”                                                                  L. Lucas, Wayne State University 

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