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Please excuse the dust! This page is under construction!

Book 2This is an example of a journal I made as part of my right-brain business plan. It is a work in progress – but I love the idea of the cut away to the final page. I got the idea from art therapist, Shelley Klammer.

Capture MarchI enjoy drawing, painting and visual journaling in my spare time. Recently, I took a class with Leah May at the Sandhill Clay Studio – I may have discovered a new love! I haven’t enjoyed clay since my undergraduate days at Eastern Michigan University!

I get inspiration from the textures, colors and sounds of the natural world. My watercolor landscapes are a montage of memories glimpses of cherry trees across a farmer’s field, mountains in Arizona, marshes in Ann Arbor, the sound of the ships passing at night in the Detroit River.

I am dedicated to helping people to learn how they learn and to practice simple ways to improve their lives by spending more time enjoying their creative projects, passions and pursuits – which, of course, must include more time making things, myself! It’s difficult, sometimes, to get started. During the 17 years of working in the inner city as a special education teacher, and an adjunct at the university teaching teachers in training, I didn’t have much extra energy to create visual art. All that energy went to creating curriculum, exploring teaching and learning strategies that would help all children with diverse learning, language and behavioral needs have access to, participation and progress in the general education curriculum. I am looking forward to spiraling back over the place I was in my twenties and to begin again – creating and making!

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