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October Mindful Drawing Workshop

The registration for this workshop is closed … we will be offering more workshops, again soon! But until then, contact us if you would like to plan an art party in your home!

Stay tuned! Sasha 


You don’t need to be an artist to experience the joy of making something! Come meet other creative souls and inspire and be inspired!  

Experience creative community with artist and educator, Sasha Roberts-Levi of Art Works! Studio for Cognitive and Expressive Studies

What? Mindful Drawing Workshop

When? October 22, 2017 1:00 – 1:30 PM

Where? The Repair the World Workshop 2701 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48216 

art is your soul knocking

“Zen Tangle Doodling is known to many artists and craftivistas as a way to create ZenTangles 1structured designs through drawing various patterns.  It is a formalized process that defines itself as something other than mere doodling because of its theory and approach. You will learn several step-by-step basic designs and have ample time to create your own unique designs. NO EXPERIENCE is necessary, but seasoned Zen Tangle Doodlers are welcome. All art materials are supplied.”

Party for Norma 5

According to art therapist and author Cathy Malchiodi, “Zentangle itself may be relatively new, but the basic principles involved are as old as the history of art. It includes ritual [a core practice in ancient and contemporary arts] and mirrors the symbols, designs and patterns of numerous cultures [Mayan, Maori, Celtic, and American Indian, for example] from ancient through present times. And like “doodling” it is based on a human behavior in which one refrains from planning and allows lines and shapes to unintentionally emerge.”

                                                It’s self-soothing!

It’s simple!

It reinforces creative aimlessness!

But most importantly, it is an afternoon of creative fun with friends!

The cost is $20 per person – all supplies and refreeshments are included in the price. Bring a friend and get a discount!


Coming Soon …. Mandala Stone Painting

Mandala Stone.JPG“Mandala Stones are the latest trend in the craft world to go viral. The colorfully dotted patterns are a real eyecatcher and easy to recreate. You will learn several step-by-step basic designs and have ample time to create your own masterpiece. NO EXPERIENCE is necessary, but seasoned Zen Tangle Doodlers are welcome. All art materials are supplied.”


Call Sasha @ 313-701-9856 for more information or to register.

About Maestrasasha

I envision a healthy, flourishing planet and society that sustainably and equitably meets the needs of all its inhabitants through an educational reform movement that is diverse, inclusive, successful, vibrant, and relevant, taking into account the needs, perspectives, and voices of all. Three decades of experience teaching diverse populations ranging in age from infants to nonagenarians. Innovative, talented artist with exhibition experience and art therapy and crisis intervention training; skilled school administrator with expertise in specialized services, sheltered English instruction, art education, curriculum development and early childhood; a proven ability to differentiate common core curriculum, meet the needs of students with learning and language challenges, and a strong background in project-based, art-infused, placed-based and inclusive education seeks to render my knowledge, experience, and expertise in all aspects - starting from organizational management, to policy making, to supporting classroom teachers, to transforming instruction through joyful, engaging and meaningful learning.

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